Falcon Realty Services Shifts Focus to Development

Falcon Realty Services Private Ltd., which has spent 20 years in the land buying and dealing sector in India, has made its first moves into development, the company has reported. The firm is now in the planning plans of eco-friendly developments, including the development of infrastructure and support focusing around industrial hubs, it said in a statement. According to Bhim Yadav, CEO of Falcon, the growth of customers’ interest in environmentally conscious housing and commercial space has led to this new focus. “We have already identified the land and formulated, conceptualized and designed the eco-friendly master planned communities.” The firm is looking for more space in tier-two cities to develop commercial, residential and retail projects on a green basis.India has been a major arena for commercial real estate development of late. Most recently, as reported by CPN, Hill International won a contract by SmartCity (Kochi) Infrastructure Private Ltd. to provide project management services for the SmartCity Kochi development in India. Located in the southeastern Indian coastal city of Kochi, SmartCity Kochi will be a technology epicenter. The development, built on approximately 300 acres and developed as a Special Economic Zone, is expected to become one of India’s largest business parks.