First U.S. Wooden Key Cards to Debut in Denver at Democratic National Convention

At the Democratic National Convention in Denver this year, “green” key cards (pictured) will be used in Denver hotel rooms–their debut in this country, according to Sustainable Cards and their manufacturer CPI Card Group. More than 70,000 biodegradable cards will be issued and used in area hotels. “Sustainable Cards in hotels are really the tip of the iceberg,” Greg Hartmann, president & CEO of Sustainable Cards told CPN. “Our goal is to be the leading provider of eco-friendly cards for all purposes–commercial property entry cards, gift cards, membership cards and the like. The bottom line is doing whatever we can to reduce the vast amount of waste generated by non-recyclable plastic in order to protect the environment.” The cards will be a donation. The sustainable cards will have a picture of the Denver 2008 Host Committee logo on them. Wooden keycards have been used for almost ten years in Europe. With this move from plastic to wood, the resort industry in the United States can reduce plastic waste by 1,300 tons annually–which is the amount of waste generated by traditional hotel key cards in this country each year. Currently, a hotel with approximately 200 rooms will discard about 12,000 plastic keys each year.