Flir Introduces Uncooled Methane Gas Detection Camera

The new product improves gas inspections and ensures a safer work environment by spotting methane leaks at power plants, energy production facilities and along gas supply chains.
FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR
FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR

Flir Systems, a developer and manufacturer of perception enhancing and awareness heightening sensor equipment, has introduced the company’s first uncooled methane gas detection camera. The Flir GF77 Gas Find IR is a handheld thermal camera intended to find potentially dangerous, methane leaks at natural gas power plants, renewable energy production facilities, industrial plants and other locations along a natural gas supply chain.

The product improves gas inspections, decreases the chance of false readings, reduces emissions and ensures a safer work environment. The GF77’s features include:

  • ergonomic design
  • LCD touchscreen
  • viewfinder to facilitate use in any lighting conditions
  • laser-assisted autofocus to help target leaks better
  • one-touch contrast improvement to make gases stand out clearly against the background
  • rapid-response graphical user interface with folder organizer, notes recorder, and GPS location annotation
  • patented High Sensitivity to make tiny gas plumes more visible

“Optical gas imaging technology is a real benefit to industries that use or produce methane, but the cost of the technology has been a barrier for some customers. The Flir GF77 Gas Find IR gas detection camera is built around an uncooled, longwave infrared detector, which costs less to produce than our higher performance, cooled cameras… ” Jim Cannon, president & CEO of Flir Systems, said in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of Flir Systems