Flood Buzz Devices Detect Water Leaks

Archetype's products emit loud alarms to protect facilities from water intrusion, which can cause extensive structural damage and costly mold problems.
Flood Buzz Pro. Image courtesy of Archetype

Guarding against leaks is crucial for property owners, as unwanted water can cause severe structural damage to a building. Archetype Ltd. offers the Flood Buzz line of water leak alarms to help facility owners detect leaks that could otherwise cause extensive water damage and costly mold issues.

The products operate by a simple patented mechanism, sounding a loud alarm when water touches two prongs on the bottom of the device, which closes a circuit. All devices come with an integral battery and are good for three years. There is no setup required, allowing the user to simply place the device and forget about it.

Four models are available that are designed to cover 90 percent of possible water leaks within a facility. The larger Flood Buzz Pro device emits a 110 dB alarm, and comes in two version with different prong lengths: one is intended for typical industrial/commercial use wherever there is a water connection, and the other is for air conditioners’ condensate pans and will sound the alarm after water or moisture builds up to 1/8 inch.

The more economical Flood Buzz Small, which gives off a 90-95 dB alarm, is 1.5 inches tall and can easily fit under appliances. The size and unobtrusive design makes it optimum for use with sinks, toilets, refrigerators and in residential properties. The new Flood Buzz Blue product, which sounds at 110 dB, is specifically designed to monitor water heaters for leaks by being inserted into water heater drip pans.