Folding Glass Wall Is Thinnest Yet

Designed in Germany, the new aluminum framed solution features floor-supported technology and high thermal efficiency.
SL84 folding glass walls. Image courtesy of NanaWall Systems

NanaWall Systems has introduced a new slim and thermally efficient folding glass wall system that provides the comfort and protection of a solid wall. Designed in Germany, the SL84 aluminum framed system is a custom-built architectural solution that can be used in a variety of commercial settings, from office spaces and retail stores to restaurants and hotels.

As a floor-supported system, the folding wall reduces structural requirements and controls construction costs. The product has a frame profile intersection of 99 millimeters (3.875 inches), offering the slimmest aluminum profile on the market with minimal exposed hardware. The system’s patented design uses continuous seals along the face of each panel frame, as well as two levels of insulating thermal breaks in order to defend against heat and cold, making it the most thermally efficient folding wall available.

Panel sizes can reach maximum heights of 11 feet 6 inches and widths of up to 3 feet 7 inches. The system also allows for larger opening sizes and flexible layouts with the integration of NanaWall’s FourFold or SixFold Panel Sets, which can be moved and stacked on either side within the same track.