German Group Plans $24M Georgia Facility

Hühoco Group has revealed plans for a new manufacturing plant that will be located in Bartow County.
First American Resources, Hühoco Group's existing facility.
First American Resources, Hühoco Group’s existing facility.

Atlanta—German-based company Hühoco Group, has announced a new $24 million facility that will be located in Bartow County, Ga. Once fully operational, the new plant is expected to create 200 new jobs.

The company also operates First American Resources, a facility in Mableton, Ga. which employs nearly 100 people.

Throughout the process of finding a location for the new facility, Hühoco Group joined hands with site selection firm Pegasus Partners. “This greenfield project with Hühoco Group’s First American Resources is one perfect example of what all of site selection should be about: Workforce first! Incentives last! Because the priorities were right and we took the time to carefully eliminate all other options, we know for certain this factory will be a full on success,” Pegasus Partners’ Benedikt Ibing said in a prepared statement.

The Cartersville-Bartow County Department of Economic Development collaborated with the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) represented by Nico Wijnberg, director of International Investment and Senior Project Manager Walt Farrell representing Georgia Power.

Image via Google Maps