Getting a Handle on Hygiene With No-Touch Cuffs

The product from Doug Mockett & Co. shields door handles in offices and other commercial spaces.
Door Handle Cuff. Image courtesy of Doug Mockett & Co.

Doug Mockett & Co. has introduced a no-touch Door Handle Cuff that offers a hygienic way to open interior doors in a virus-conscious era. The user simply rests his or her forearm on the cuff and presses down on the door handle while pushing or pulling. The cuff acts as a forearm shield, cutting down on tactile contact in work and commercial spaces to curb the spread of unwanted pathogens.

The product is easy to install on most traditional door handles, fitting square or round handles with diameters ranging from 3/4 inch to 1 inch. To install, the cuff is slipped over the door handle and screwed into place. Architectural hardware maker Mockett also offers repurposed drawer pulls that are mounted on the undersides of cabinets and can be opened using the tip of a shoe, providing a hands-free way to open cabinets containing trash cans.