Giuliani, Berman Enterprises Launch RE Investment Fund

Giuliani Partners, headed by former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and commercial real estate owner Berman Enterprises are launching a real estate investment fund of between $500 million and $750 million focused on commercial and residential opportunities. The fit with Giuliani’s firm is a good one for Berman Enterprises, said Jeffrey Berman, (pictured), a partner in the firm. “Rudy is the former mayor of New York, and he’s a deal maker whose experience is unparalleled,” Berman said. He said that experience is particularly valuable to Berman, which has not invested in New York. The new fund is targeting a limited number of investors, about 15 or 16, who are willing to make an investment of from $50 to $75 million, similar to the one that Berman Enterprises is making in the fund, Berman said. These investors will be European. “The Euro is so much stronger than the dollar, that our assets look especially cheap,” Berman said. “And, [even] with all our turmoil, the U.S. is still considered a safe harbor investment.” The fund, whose formation was originally reported in the New York Times, will primarily target opportunities on the East Coast, especially Washington, D.C., New York and Florida, but prospects on the West Coast will also be examined, Berman said. Berman Enterprises, which has experience in residential development, may look at condominium development deals, where sales are slow, and acquire them to complete the projects.