Global Manufacturer Expands to NC with $13M Investment

The refrigerant packaging company selected Martin County for a new facility, which will provide the area with 31 new jobs. Salaries at Weitron Inc. will be about $4,000 more than the $28,000 annual average income of the county.

By Laura Calugar

Weitron's facility in Newark, Del.
Weitron’s facility in Newark, Del.

Weitron Inc., a packager and distributor of refrigerant gases, has selected Martin County for a new production facility in Everetts, N.C. The $13 million investment will create 31 jobs, according to Governor Roy Cooper. A One North Carolina Fund performance-based grant of $90,000 will help facilitate the company’s expansion in Martin County. The company is expanding to meet growing demand for new refrigerant formulas with less environmental impact.

According to WITN, the new plant will be located in a shell building of the Martin County Regional Business Park. Compensation will vary by position, but average salaries for the new jobs will be $32,839, which is more than the current average annual wage in Martin County of $28,287.

“North Carolina fit all of our strategic goals. Its workforce will allow us to provide quality products and we can get products to our customers in a timely manner given the location and transportation resources. We will have this facility up and running shortly,” said Weitron Vice President of Operations Ryan Carpenter in a prepared statement.

Headquartered in Newark, Del., Weitron Inc. is a supplier of refrigerant for several industries, including automotive, residential and commercial air conditioning applications.

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