Going Green at the Office: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to workplace sustainability, what do tenants really want and what could they do without?

How do tenants feel about sustainability efforts in the workplace? CPE and Kingsley Associates partnered up this month to find out.

“Regarding the trash cans: make them more environmentally sensitive by separating the trash by process: recycling, composting, and landfill so people are more aware of the waste they are creating and where it needs to go to have less of a footprint.” –Retail, Owings Mills, Md.

“I enjoy working with the management team. I appreciate the ‘Green’ initiatives, and how the building is environmentally conscious.” –Office, Denver

“We do not put a value on green/sustainable designations. If the building we select has one, great, but it is not on our ‘needs’ list when searching for a location.” –Jacksonville, Fla.

“I don’t think much extra can be done to improve the building experience unless the building is demolished and a larger, more LEED-friendly facility is built.” –Office, Austin, Texas

“Interior lighting should have been converted years ago to more energy efficient lighting, to still be using T-12 bulbs is a shame.” –Office, Southfield, Mich.

“The green pest control is not very effective. There are live spiders, roaches, and crickets in the building.” –Office, Austin, Texas

“We would LOVE a recycling program! It pains us to throw away items that can be recycled or deal with the hassle of carting it home.” –Office, San Antonio

“Install electronic car chargers to promote a cleaner environment by reducing emissions and reducing air pollution. Offer car wash services.” –Medical Office, Miami

“All sustainability initiatives are very important and anything that can be done to contribute to saving our environment for future generations is commendable.” –Office, Encino, Calif.

“I’m all about helping the environment where we can. Although, as a small business, I am not interested in having to pay additional costs that would be incurred to implement any of these programs.” –Retail, Atlanta

“Sustainability initiatives are important, but should mesh with business interests, not hinder or detract from work activities.” –Office, Mesa, Ariz.

“Any investment in responsible sustainability can create a healthier and more efficient environment, not counting the savings. I have respiratory issues, and clean energy and environment is a plus for me.” –Industrial, Charlotte, N.C.

“I think that today, sustainability initiatives are expected – they have become the norm, and we see it in action with the current management. I suppose that if they did nothing, that might be a problem.” –Office, Portland, Ore.

“We take pride in the fact that we are occupying a LEED certified building. It aligns with our corporate goals of being environmentally friendly.” –Industrial, Des Moines, Iowa.

“We work independently with a company to pick up our recyclable materials and the company repurposes them. We are VERY committed to the environment and waste that is destroying our Earth. We donate large sums of money to support these causes as well.” –Retail, Lake Forest, Ill.