Good News From Multi-Housing World 2008

Good news about the real estate market has become less and less frequent. While most in the industry still paint a fairly positive picture for the multi-housing industry, truth is that debt and equity capital is becoming more and more scarce with each new devastating headline coming out of Wall Street. And there are plenty of other concerns in the industry, which we will cover on our website. But we think we have found some good news to share with you…

Multi-Housing executives still have a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes their businesses and certainly when it comes to a good old-fashioned networking party. Case in point: The Meet and Greet on 16th Street, the opening party hosted by the Multi-Housing World Conference last evening at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver. I confess, I have only one metric to measure this level of enthusiasm. After a long day—which many spent traveling and then attending workshops—executives stayed at MHW’s evening event well beyond its end time. Developers, property managers, architects and others were overheard sharing ideas and concerns—perhaps the best antidote to the woes of the current crisis.

Keeping up that spirit of enthusiasm, several industry experts agreed to go on camera to discuss their thoughts on the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG bailouts. We rounded up six industry people for interviews with Multi-Housing News TV (MHN TV), which is all set to premiere on our website on Sept. 19. Each of them had a different perspective, but most agreed that the bailout, while not the best thing for taxpayers, was the only action that could be taken to prevent an even bigger economic crisis. A necessary evil, one said. Not bailing them out would have had bigger repercussions, said another.

We urge you to tune in to MHN TV to hear in detail what your colleagues and thought leaders had to say. In the meantime, we’ll bring you more good news from the Multi-Housing World Conference, where executives continue to remain anything but pessimistic.