Greenstreet Growers Introduces Plant-Based Air Purifier

Brēth’s proprietary technology filters and purifies the surrounding air through photosynthesis, eliminating harmful indoor pollutants. The toxins are delivered to the plant’s roots and converted into nourishing compounds.

Greenstreet Growers Inc., an eco-friendly and high-quality plant material provider, and Air8Green’s Mark Prescott have recently introduced brēth, a plant-based air purifier. Brēth uses all-natural air purification technology to clean over 70 percent of the harmful toxins and pollutants that exist in enclosed spaces, including offices. According to the manufacturer, brēth packs the cleaning power of almost 70 houseplants.

The patented technology of the device expedites active photosynthesis, thus filtering and purifying the surrounding air. The harmful compounds are delivered to the plant roots, which convert the toxins into organic compounds that then nourish the plants.  

The plants in brēth are low-maintenance, they require minimal trimming and watering every 10 days. The device has sensors that monitor water levels and a paired smartphone application, as well as an external light indicator on the side of the unit to notify the user when watering is necessary. The app also measures how effectively the surrounding air is being purified. Brēth’s full spectrum LED delivers the right amount of light and can be set to automatically turn on and off through its timer function.

Modern building design has created excellent energy efficiency, but has left inhabitants in chemical-laden and unhealthy stagnant environments due to the increased airtight residential and office structures. The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors, breathing these toxins. brēth is a miniature ecosystem that greatly improves a plant’s ability to remove indoor air pollution”, Mark Prescott, co-founder of brēth said, in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of Greenstreet Growers Inc.