Grosvenor Appoints Next CEO

Steve O'Connell will succeed Andrew Bibby, who after 35 years with the firm, will retire on December 31. O'Connell previously served on the firm's development team and as managing director of investment.
Executive Director Peter Vernon, newly appointed CEO Steve O’Connell and retiring CEO Andrew Bibby.

Grosvenor Group has appointed Steve O’Connell as its new chief executive officer, following the retirement of its current CEO Andrew Bibby. After 35 years with the firm, Bibby will retire on December 31, 2018.

O’Connell was hired at Grosvenor in 2011 and led its development team in San Francisco, where he created its residential program. Four years later, he was promoted to managing director of Investment. In that role, O’Connell oversaw Grosvenor America’s Investment and Co-Investment activities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

In his new role, O’Connell’s first announcement came in the form of appointing James Patillo to the Board of Directors. He will be responsible for the firm’s development activity in the U.S. and Canada, servicing as chief development officer. Patillo joined Grosvenor in 2006 and worked in both Calgary and Vancouver, Canada. He was previously the managing director of Development and oversaw the company’s North American development pipeline, valued at around $3 billion.

“Grosvenor has been active in North America since 1953. It represents a significant part of our business which under Andrew’s leadership has gone from strength to strength,” said Peter Vernon, executive director of Grosvenor Group, in a prepared statement. Steve O’Connell appointment is yet a further example of the strength of Grosvenor Americas’ management team and our ability to nurture talent. He is ideally suited to the role on the basis of his track record and ambitious vision for the business’ future.”

Image courtesy of Grosvenor Group