Handheld Device Checks PoE Power Supply

Fluke Networks has released a new tool that speeds up installation of Power over Ethernet devices, a staple of smart buildings.
MicroScanner PoE. Image courtesy of Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks has released a new handheld tool for technicians to gauge the level of power available for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. The MicroScanner PoE provides a complete set of functions for technicians installing PoE devices, include cable wire mapping, a built-in toner, and distance-to-fault indicators that can locate cabling problems.

The product is designed to speed the installation and troubleshooting of PoE devices, including those that support the new high-power 802.3bt standard, which was approved last year. The tester plugs the scanner into an Ethernet cable, and if it’s connected to power sourcing equipment, the MicroScanner PoE will display the class of power available on the link. The technician can then compare this to the requirements of the powered device to check whether sufficient power is available.

PoE devices, such as network routers, IP cameras and VoIP phones, tap into power and data through the same cable, which in most cases eliminates the need for an AC outlet and separate power supply. The integration of PoE technology into building security, computer networks, lighting infrastructure and other systems has transformed property management in recent years by enabling deep energy savings and avoiding the need for thick bundles of copper wires, helping to power the rise of smart buildings.