Historic Beriah Lewis Farm Goes Solar with Kingspan Energy

Beriah Lewis Farm looks ahead to a bright future with Kingspan’s involvement.

By Anca Gagiuc, Associate Editor

Beriah Lewis Farm
Beriah Lewis Farm

Stamford, Conn.—The historic family-owned Beriah Lewis Farm has seen plenty in its 224 years. Dating back to the time of George Washington, the Beriah Farm is taking significant steps towards ensuring its future: solar energy.

The farm has partnered with Kingspan Energy to install a 115 kilowatt solar energy system encompassing 385 solar panels. The system will supply 85 percent of the farm’s electricity needs, deliver foxed-cost energy for the next 20 years, and offset 63 tons of carbon dioxide per year, or the equivalent to driving 155,000 miles.

“Seven generations of our family have earned their living from this farm,” says Ledyard Lewis, the farm’s current owner. “But just because we’ve been here a while doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past. Solar is a win-win situation, both in terms of the environment and the financials,” he continued. “With more and more businesses going solar, we figured it was time to do so as well.”

“Beriah Farms has been an active part of the local economy since the foundation of the country. We are incredibly pleased to be able to support a business with that unique history as it thinks about the next generation,” added Ralph Mannion, Kingspan Energy’s president. “Solar energy ensures that the farm’s energy costs will be fixed through the coming decades, which is extremely valuable to businesses of all types that are looking at their long-term plans.”

As Lewis stated, there is something special about linking farming with clean energy produced from solar, “they just fit together”.

Image courtesy of Beriah Lewis Farm