HoloLamp’s 3D Advantage

The device, which presents visual renderings and the illusion of buildings directly on the tabletop, allows architects to replace non-interactive mockups.

HoloLamp—an award-winning startup—has created the first portable, glasses-free augmented reality device that creates optical 3D illusions directly in the user environment.

The device presents visual renderings and the illusion of 3D buildings directly on the tabletop, with the capability to not only see the virtual buildings from all angles, but also to allow natural interactions to zoom in and out to see specific details, change the materials or manage 3D assets.

HoloLamp’s technology is changing the game in AR by removing any wearable equipment that constrains the user. Removing any barrier that traps the 3D content into devices like screens or VR headsets enables architects, real estate agents, civil engineers and urban planners to replace non-interactive mock ups. AR glasses typically cut off vision. Using HoloLamp, architects and designer can interact with content in new ways because 3D content is directly inserted in the user’s environment. HoloLamp applications are made with Unity, a global game industry software.

Here are some details regarding HoloLamp’s features:

  • 3D: Based on a face tracking and motion parallax, HoloLamp allows users to perceive a 3D experience;
  • Touch: Based on a touch detection technology, HoloLamp allows users to control the virtual 3D objects using their hands;
  • Display: Based on DLP ultra short throw technology, HoloLamp projects bright, high-resolution and wide images;
  • Compact: Based on hardware optimization, HoloLamp is a compact spatial augmented reality solution.

Video courtesy of HoloLamp