Honda Invests $53M in Two Ohio Facilities

The company plans to open data and market quality centers in Raymond, to strengthen North American operations.

By Laura Calugar

Honda R&D Americas Inc. , Raymond, Ohio
Honda R&D Americas Inc., Raymond, Ohio

Raymond, OhioHonda has announced a $53 million investment in Central Ohio. The two new buildings will house information technology and market quality operations for Honda in North America. The two new facilities will be located in Raymond, near its Marysville headquarters in Union County.

A 38,000-square-foot data center will join a similar facility near Denver, Colo., in housing key information technologies for Honda, increasing secure data storage capabilities for the business.

A 98,000-square-foot quality center building will deal with product quality for several Honda organizations, under one roof. The facility will be home to Honda associates, expanding the company’s capability to study and respond to customer feedback.

Honda R&D Americas Inc. , Raymond, Ohio
Honda R&D Americas Inc., Raymond, Ohio

The two new facilities are scheduled to open by early 2017. Both of them will be developed near Honda R&D Americas Inc. in Raymond. According to the Dayton Business Journal, the two projects are expected to bring 25 new jobs, most in the IT area. Honda worked with local and state government entities on the expansion project, including Union County, Jobs Ohio, Columbus 2020, the Ohio Development Services Agency and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

“Creating a more efficient and effective way for our associates to respond to our customers is the primary goal of our new regional market quality facility. The global reliance on data from North America has grown year by year and our new data center will help us manage this responsibility,” said Rick Schostek, executive vice president of Honda North America Inc., in a prepared statement.

Honda companies in North America represent a cumulative investment of more than $22 billion and employ more than 40,000 workers. Currently, Honda operates 19 major manufacturing facilities in North America, 13 of them located in Ohio. Since 1982, the company has manufactured over 17 million automobiles in the state.

Images courtesy of Honda News