NYLO’s Russell Means Business

In late 2007, NYLO Hotels opened its first location in Plano, Texas. The new chain is designed to attract business travelers who are visiting suburban locations, but its design is urban-style boutique. John Russell, CEO of NYLO Hotels, talked recently about what is ahead for the new hotel chain. CPNHospitality: What are the key features that you feel make NYLO unique?Russell: We are an all-new construction hotel brand, which has loft accommodations. We have brick-paved masonry outside, and the rooms feature 30-square-foot windows, which are large. We also have a 24-hour restaurant. Our NYLO in Plano also has Texas touches, such as cowhide carpet. We also have works from local artists in the lobby and rooms. We also have what we call a PURE floor, which has allergy-friendly rooms. That encompasses 44 rooms in Plano. Price points for our rooms are from $120 to $270. In January, we introduced a new brand, XP by NYLO. It will have some differences from NYLO. It will not be a full-service hotel, and will have smaller rooms than a NYLO. It won’t have a pool. CPNHospitality: Is NYLO targeted to any specific demographic? Russell: It is a lifestyle brand. We want to have NYLOs near corporate regional headquarters, and near high-end retail and lifestyle, mixed-use environments. We have a NYLO opening in Warwick, R.I. this July. We have one opening in Las Colinas near Dallas in April of next year. We also have one opening in Overland Park, Kansas in July of next year. We have also started franchising, and we have 52 hotels in the pipeline.CPNHospitality: What kind of target markets are you looking to build hotels in?Russell: A good location would be near a large amount of office space, so we could attract local business meetings, as well as out-of-town business travelers. Ideally, you want to be near large shopping malls. Also, in or near airports, which attract high volumes of business travelers. CPNHospitality: What kind of split will NYLO attract, between business and leisure travel? Russell: It should be 80 percent business and 20 percent leisure, initially. Courtyard by Marriott had that kind of split, but they have attracted more leisure travelers, as guests who stayed there on business liked them, and stayed there on leisure trips as well. We will attract more leisure travelers, as well.