IBM Offering More Integrated Electronic Loan Processing Capabilities

IBM’s Charlotte-based Lender Business Process Services recently announced integrated processing systems that include enhanced electronic loan file capabilities. Two aspects that were previously offered singly can now be implemented together to simplify the overall loan process, increase efficiency, and productivity.”We are really excited about these technological improvements” Greg Sullins, executive director of IBM’s lender business process services told CPN, “Regardless of how the end user wants to do business, whether by telephone, through the website, or in person at the bank or at the person’s home, the loan officer can now deliver a consistent experience.” The new move improves on IBM’s Palisades Technology Partners, purchased a year ago, as well as another recent acquisition, called FileNet, primarily a content management solution. Together these can bring about a paperless solution, which is fully indexed and with images in the secure environment stored on the host website. These Web-based applications also help to protect against potential theft or data corruption, increasing security and privacy. The electronic loan package offers real-time processing and continued access to documents, enabling a reduction in the amount of turnaround time needed between customers, lenders and brokers. IBM is now providing this software in a variable cost-structure. IBM can provide either the new software components for a client’s existing loan origination system, or it can provide the host-site and run the new platforms itself. It can also customize the package as needed. With the present debt-market climate and closer oversight, this type of software is more important than ever. Noted Sullins, “Given what’s going on in the marketplace, we are confident that our breadth of capabilities, and the flexibility of the whole menu that we now offer will be helpful to both large and small lenders. This is the marriage of our loan origination and file net (content management) capabilities that allows straight-through processing.”