Iconic Dallas Hotel to Get New Life

Hilton Worldwide and Centurion American Development have teamed to reopen a historic Dallas property.
Statler Renderings-4

Hilton Worldwide and Centurion American Development have teamed to reopen the Statler Hotel & Residences, a historic hotel in Dallas that will become part of the Curio – A Collection by Hilton brand.

“The original Dallas Statler Hilton was heralded as the first and finest hotel of the modern era. It is an iconic property, representing a vital chapter of our Hilton story,” Dianna Vaughan, global head of the Curio brand, told Commercial Property Executive. “It is incredibly exciting to welcome it back home.”

Dianna Vaughan

Dianna Vaughan

Centurion American Development Group’s master plan includes 161 hotel rooms on the lower five floors and 219 residences on the top 11 floors. The hotel will also include meeting space, four restaurants (including a ’50s-inspired diner) and a hotel lounge. A new music venue is also planned in the 14,500-square-foot ballroom.

“There will also be about 100,000 square feet of office space, so 800 to 1,000 people a day who work there will add to the energy inside the building,” Frank Zaccanelli, partner of Centurion American Development Group, told CPE. “Additionally, connecting to a parking lot that’s being built, you will have another 50,000 square feet of pure retail space. That will generate a lot of activity.”

Curio, as a brand, handpicks hotels that can tell a story. With a “no design, by design” philosophy, Curio hotels are independent and unique by definition.

Statler Renderings-3The Statler story is as unique as it gets, recognized upon being built as the first modern American hotel. From there, it had a few other firsts: the first to play music in the elevator, the first to install custom 21-inch Westinghouse TVs and one of the first to put conference rooms and ballrooms on the lower level.

According to Vaughan, Curio guests are passionate travelers seeking local discovery and authentic experiences, all the while assured that the Hilton name is behind every stay.

“This historic property represents the best of Dallas, and, at the same time, down to its roots, the essence of Hilton,” she said. “So, naturally, the Statler Hotel and Residences seemed an organic, exemplary fit for Curio—A Collection by Hilton, a global brand of distinctive upper-upscale and luxury hotels, hand-picked for travelers who seek local discovery and authentic experiences.”

Statler Renderings-1Statler Renderings-2The planned $175 million redevelopment of the historic building will give a nod to the hotel’s architecture, design and entertainment roots.

“Some of the highlights include 15,000 square feet of boutique shopping space, 161 hotel rooms, fine dining experiences and a rooftop pool,” Vaughan said. “Especially exciting will be the black-box arts venue to bring moments of theater and music to hotel guests. This will give the Statler a local edge as well, giving guests access to local musicians and artists of Dallas.”

There’s a huge residential boom underway in downtown Dallas and all the areas surrounding it, Zaccanelli noted. “When you look at what’s going on behind our project, they can’t build the condo units or apartment units fast enough,” he said. “There’s big growth in Dallas and things are moving and communities are being created and that’s key. The hotel, with 161 rooms at this level of service and quality, is greatly needed.”

The hotel is set to debut in October 2016. Aimbridge Hospitality will manage it.