If Knowledge Is Power, then Maryland Just Got a Lot More Powerful

Upcoming computing center will make work and life so much easier for researchers affiliated with two of Maryland's top universities.
Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center

Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center – rendering

Two of Maryland’s top universities have joined forces to help researchers who need more powerful computers and increased digital storage space in order to study large data sets. Together, they will soon open one of the nation’s largest academic computing centers.

The University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University will jointly manage the upcoming Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center. MARCC (pronounced “MAR-see”) is located near the edge of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus in Baltimore. Final testing is currently under way and the center is expected to open this month. The project was financed with the help of $30 million from the state.

MARCC will provide state-of-the-art digital processing power to a wide array of researchers at the two universities. It consists of more than 19,000 processors and 17 petabytes (17 million gigabytes) of storage capacity. The center will send information to the campuses of the two universities via fiber-optic connection, which will enable researchers to access MARCC without even leaving their labs.

The new center will make work—and life—much more easier for researchers. Instead of investing their own time and money to build new, high-performance computing centers, researchers with access to MARCC will only have to share the maintenance costs of the new data center. This will lead to significant cost savings and greater efficiency.

Rendering via Johns Hopkins University