Indoor Air Quality Monitor Features Modular Sensors

The Sensedge from Kaiterra provides real-time data on PM2.5, TVOCs, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.
The Sensedge. Image courtesy of Kaiterra
The Sensedge. Image courtesy of Kaiterra

Indoor air quality is a serious concern. Although North Americans typically spend 90 percent of their time in buildings, the indoor environment is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The Sensedge, a commercial indoor air quality monitor from Kaiterra, assists building owners and managers with optimizing the indoor environment. The device tracks levels of PM2.5, total volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

The Sensedge can be installed in any new or existing interior, from offices and retail spaces to multifamily communities, and supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. The device comes with two sensor modules that need to be changed or recalibrated every year. The palm-sized, brush aluminum modules are easy to swap without opening the device and are customizable, allowing the user to measure a specific parameter or pollutant.

Data is continuously collected and stored both locally and via a cloud-based server. Multiple data export methods are also available. Featuring end-to-end encryption, the device has an intuitive user interface with touchscreen control. The Sensedge is fully compliant with the WELL v2 building standard and is tested and certified by RESET, a green building standard administered by GIGA. Beijing-based startup Kaiterra has also introduced an online dashboard that allows the user to monitor and manage all the devices in one place.