Industrial Nanotech Product Sales Grow

Naples-Fla-based Industrial Nanotech’s sales of its patented energy-efficient products continue to grow. Industrial Nanotech products, brought out for industrial use in 2004, provide thermal insulation and a resistance to moisture and mold. The industrial coatings have tiny nano-particles in them that funnel heat waves through maze-like passages to increase insulation value. The nanotech coatings have other advantages: they fight corrosion, mold and moisture. Unlike usual ceramic coatings, the Nanotech coating is thinner as well, ande is actually a water-based acrylic latex, containing the tiny-tunnel-filled particles“Nanotechnology sounds to some people very space-age, like Darth Nader, but we are actually very Mother Nature,” Industial Nanotech CEO Stuart Burchill told CPN. “Our products save money and are good for the environment. We find out what is needed, and build the solution, rather than use huge masses of earth’s materials and then break and burn or melt down to make the final thing we want. And what’s unique about our products is that they can do more than one thing at a time. There are lots of good insulations out there to work with corrosion, and pretty decent materials to prevent mold, although most use moldicide and we don’t. But where we really shine is we can do all of these things at one time.”The Nansulate coatings were originally designed to address the problem of corrosion. Typically, companies have to pay to remove corrosion frequently that occurs in most insulated materials, explained Burchill. “As we created this product to deal with corrosion, other advantageous characteristics of the particle became apparent. For our customers, this means they can use one material, one contractor, and one application to accomplish one project. And (the coating) doesn’t have to be removed and reapplied. Plus, we’re non-toxic. Our products contain no finished particle less than a clumpsized mass of particles stuck together that form a micron, which is too big to be absorbed by the skin.” Industrial Nanotech products have been given a clean bill of health from NSF International as safe for incidental contact with food, as well as the stamp of approval from the Industrial Health and Safety Laboratory. Industrial Nanotech will soon announce a new epoxy-based product that will improve upon their current product. One thing lacking in the current coating product is chemical resistance and this causes the coating to take a long time to dry — as much as 30-60 days for full thermal resistance. The new epoxy product will dry quickly, in less than one hour and will be able to be applied much more thickly.