Inergy Introduces Portable Generator

The Kodiak Extreme uses gallium nitride semiconductors to increase power, reduce weight and eliminate the need for a cooling fan.
Kodiak Extreme
Kodiak Extreme


Transphorm Inc., a provider of gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors, teamed up with solar energy firm Inergy, and design company Telcodium Inc. to create the Inergy Kodiak Extreme, a dustproof and waterproof 2 kW output portable solar power generator. The generator targets consumers and professionals in the construction, emergency or industrial services, where reliable off-grid AC power is needed.

The Kodiak Extreme utilizes a photovoltaic (PV) inverter and battery charger, both integrating Transphorm’s JEDEC-qualified GaN platform. These power systems result in a powerful but light and quick-to-charge generator. The Kodiak Extreme has a 110/120 Vac 2 kW output. Because GaN semiconductors run cooler than similar silicon devices, the product does not require an internal cooling fan. This allowed the partnership to develop a truly water-resistant and dustproof solar power generator.

Compared to similar products, the Kodiak Extreme offers roughly 30 percent more power output, has a minimum 98 percent inverter efficiency from light load to full load, charges more than four times faster, endures harsh environments and weighs less.

“We’ve been interested in Gallium Nitride power systems for some time,” James Brainard, Inergy CTO, said in a prepared statement. “The technology’s capabilities would allow us to create a highly ruggedized and efficient portable generator capable of bringing affordable solar energy to the masses.”

Image courtesy of Inergy