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Cover Story: From Zero to 60 with Grace Huebscher

Beech Street Capital L.L.C. is roaring down the Interstate in an Indianapolis 500-class race car with Huebscher at the wheel, looking to double the $1 billion in originations it lent last year. By Paul Rosta.

Trend Talk: The Return of Capital Markets Activity?

During the recession, banks were gun-shy of offering money to anyone but the finest of credit risks — and even then, they were extremely stringent. So in these days of tenuous economic recovery, has anything changed? By Allison Landa.

Economist’s View: Inevitable Inflation

Growth of M1 — the money supply in circulation — in the United States (and most of the world) has seen double-digit, year-over-year growth for the first six months of 2011. And inflation is not only inevitable, it is here. By Dr. Peter Linneman.

Visionary: Bringing Up Leaders with Robert Brunswick

Robert Brunswick, chairman & CEO of Buchanan Street Partners, spoke with editor-in-chief Suzann D. Silverman about leadership in real estate and his efforts to inspire and train the industry’s future leaders.

Technology: QR Code QRiosity

While the technology’s market penetration to date is likely still in single digits, on-site listing signs at all sizes and shapes of commercial spaces now feature odd-looking squares of encoded black-and-white patterns known as “Quick Response” codes. How effective are they? By Brad Berton.

Property Management: Testing Ground

Love the federal government or hate it, there is no debating its clout when it comes to real estate. Its sprawling portfolio also gives it built-in influence across a wide swath of real estate business areas, from property management and leasing to sustainability. By Paul Rosta.

Sustainability: Radiating Efficiency

As the 2010s progress and the next generation of commercial development ramps up, relatively low-humidity U.S. markets in particular seem destined to gradually transition from conventional air-driven HVAC systems toward water-based, or “hydronic,” radiant heating and cooling systems. By Brad Berton.

Leadership & Learning: Page Turners

An informal survey of company leaders suggests that executives’ top picks among both new and classic books offers not only provocative reading but a rare window into their concerns. The capital markets crisis has yielded a rich literature, and some aspect of the capital-markets crisis figures into every CEO’s selection. By Paul Rosta.

Finance & Investment: The Incredible Shrinking Stores

Whether it is a structural or cyclical trend, there may be a movement afoot toward smaller retail spaces that is driven by both retailer and investor preferences. Retailers, both big and small, from Walmart to Target to the neighborhood store, are downsizing footprints. By Keat Foong.

Law & Policy: Standing Still

At the onset of a loan workout, a forbearance or standstill agreement is one of the first and most important documents to be executed, but many borrowers and lenders lack a clear understanding of what constitutes a legally sufficient forbearance agreement that is consistent with market standards. By Michael Hamilton.