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Executive of the Year: Winners
For 15 years, CPE and its predecessor, Commercial Property News, have honored the commercial real estate industry’s most accomplished leaders through the Executive of the Year Awards. Blackstone’s Jonathan Gray tops the 2011 list.

Executive of the Year: Runners-Up
The CPE Executive of the Year Awards this year recognized two honorable mentions in most categories in addition to the first-place winners.

Editor’s Note: A Path Through the Haze
It’s been quite a year. What started with hope descended into fear of a double-dip recession, then moved into an economic limbo where no one knows what to expect. By Suzann Silverman.

Economist’s View: You Get What You Pay For
A small set of densely populated cities with strong agglomeration economies have proven to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns over the past quarter century. Here’s why. By Hugh F. Kelly, PhD, CRE.

Market View: The Leadership Challenge, 2012 and Beyond
In a volatile market, a leader must forecast the direction of the cycle and be flexible enough to move with the ebb and flow of the marketplace. Three qualities make those leaders stand out: vision, ethics and execution. By Richard A. Hanson, CRE.

Technology: Integrated System: Building Security Takes the Next Step Forward
Ten years after 9/11, digital security systems are still taking root in the industry as another line of defense. But is deployment worth the upfront costs? By Dees Stribling.

Leadership & Learning: Searching for New Horizons: When is the Right Time to Make a Change?
Though seeking new horizons and new opportunities can help restore excitement at any stage of a career, pursuing change also calls for a thoughtful approach. By Paul Rosta.

Property Management: A Changing Industrial Landscape Brings Fresh Management Challenges
The industrial sector may seem to lag other property types in glamour, but to those charged with managing distribution centers, research-and-development space and other facilities, it presents a complex, fast-changing landscape. By Paul Rosta.

Sustainability: Energy-Aligned Lease Structures Can Alleviate Split-Incentive Issues – Eventually
Notwithstanding wide-ranging efforts to cut energy consumption, a frustrating financial dilemma called the “split incentive” remains an impediment to substantial energy retrofits in markets with a modified-gross lease structure. By Brad Berton.

Finance & Investment: Net Lease Transactions Attract Investors in Uncertain Times
The theory that net-leased assets are a defensive investment in uncertain times is being put to the test these days — and it is proving out. By Keat Foong.

Distressed Debt & Asset Update: Then and Now
As we approach the end of the year, we enter a very different investor climate than even four months ago. A Tale of Two Cities is a good analogy for 2011, and these are not exactly the best of times. By Steven Bandolik and Seth Weatherly.

Law & Policy: The Optimism of 2011 was Rightfully Cautious
The grip of uncertainty has a hold on investors of all ilk, from institutions — which are putting deals on ice — to small business owners and tenants — who are rightfully hesitant to invest in new employees and space. By Michael Ratliff.