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Distressed Debt & Asset Update: From Condo to Multi-Family Rental
Financing remains a major hurdle for the condominium real estate market, so many developers have shifted some use to rental. By Steven Bandolik and Brian McMearty.

Economist’s View: A Weak Recovery to Mediocrity
We’re seeing a bifurcated recovery, where the recession continues for the young and poorly educated, though it has ended for most older and well-educated households. By Dr. Peter Linneman.

Feature: Mitch Rudin, a Versatile Veteran, Takes the Reins at Brookfield’s Office REIT
Mitch Rudin, formerly with CBRE, has taken over strategic oversight of a 50 million-square-foot national portfolio of trophy towers. What does the future hold at Brookfield? By Paul Rosta.

Finance & Investment: Low Levels of Interest for CMBS
Despite a zero-level interest rate, the CMBS market has seen investor pullback in response to the economic hazards in the United States and abroad. By Keat Foong.

Law & Policy: Non-Recourse Carveout Liability
The expanding list of non-recourse “carveouts,” and related mandatory carveout guaranties from creditworthy entities, has eroded the limited liability structure. By Michael Hamilton and Jessica Fluehr.

Leadership & Learning: Even in a Buyer’s Market, Open-Minded Recruitment Can Pay Off
A study released last month by KPMG indicated that 27 percent of U.S. real estate companies expect that returning the size of their workforces to pre-recession levels will take until 2013. By Paul Rosta.

Market View: Touchstones for CRE, 2020 and Beyond
By the year 2020, a gathering of corporate real estate executives has recently predicted, non-Asian real estate markets will experience 40 percent vacancy rates. By Matt Fanoe.

News Trend: Putting Employment Numbers in Context for CRE
Employment figures in the U.S. are up one month, down the next. What does it mean for the real estate industry and how will CRE be affected? By Nicholas Ziegler.

Property Management: Earning an Encore with Tenant Retention
Whether a customer has signed a one-year lease for an apartment or a 15-year deal for a regional distribution center, the campaign for repeat business never completely subsides. By Paul Rosta.

Sustainability: Taking on the Challenge of Net-Zero Energy
For the past two years, a federally funded effort has focused on assuring that by 2030 virtually all newly constructed commercial buildings can be characterized as net-zero—and all commercial buildings 20 years later. By Brad Berton.

Technology: Building Commissioning Comes of Age
To twist Peter Drucker’s management adage for the use of building owners and their asset managers, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” By Dees Stribling.