JULY ISSUE: Intelligent HVAC

Ray Pustinger chats with CPE about energy reduction, utility incentives and the Smart Grid.

Ray Pustinger on Energy Reduction, Utility Incentives and the Smart Grid

RayRay Pustinger, president of Enerliance, spoke with CPE editorial director Suzann D. Silverman about energy conservation trends and his company’s efforts to reduce energy consumption by heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in large commercial buildings and campus settings. Enerliance was recently purchased by Yardi Systems Inc. (which also owns CPE). Enerliance’s LOBOS software is reducing electricity expenses by an estimated $5 million annually for clients that include office buildings, regional malls, convention centers, airports, universities, hospitals and other large properties.

Q. How does your product fit into current sustainability and energy conservation trends?

A. Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It can mean anything from recycling plastic water bottles to buying products that are made with recycled materials, recycled paper. There are all sorts of sustainability issues, and they’re all important.

Enerliance’s product really goes toward the consumption of natural resources: energy, electricity. When you think of electricity, that’s a pretty generic form of energy. It’s the underlying fuels that create electricity that are really the sustainability issues. Fossil fuels, nuclear power, natural gas, biomethane—there are all sorts of ways to produce electricity. Enerliance is working on reducing the need to consume electricity. Sustainability upstream could be, “Let’s use the cleanest power source.” Sustainability where Enerliance lives is, “Let’s reduce the amount of electricity needed to heat and cool a building.”

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