Skanska Helps Sweden Fly

Skanska has been tapped to expand the Swedish Air Force facility.

The Swedish Fortifications Agency is adding a combined helicopter hangar and administration building at the F17 Swedish Air Force wing in Kallinge, in southern Sweden. The agency has already employed Skanska for the development process, and a contract worth more than $37 million has been inked between the two parts.

Local development company Skanska has been tasked with the development of a military facility that can hold 17 helicopters. Construction is slated to begin starting next month, while completion is scheduled for the summer of 2017. The property will be used by the wing of the Swedish Air Force, one of the last three remaining wings in the country, and one of only two wings that continue to have operational squadrons.

The facility that will be developed by Skanska for the Swedish Fortifications Agency will also include an administration space. The entire construction is set to offer a gross area of 226,000 square feet.

While not a member of NATO, Sweden is part of the Partnership for Peace program which was an initiative meant to create trust between European Countries, NATO members, and the former Soviet Union. According to data from The World Bank, Sweden has spent the same percentage of its GDP on its military in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The country ranks in the top half of nations in terms of what proportion of its GDP it directs towards the sector.