Skanska Sees Light at the End of the Tunnel

The multinational construction and development company will be tackling a tunnel project in its home base of Sweden.
stockholm E4

An essential piece of infrastructure is finally under construction in the Stockholm area, as Skanska managed to secure yet another important development contract. The entity, one of the country’s largest contractors, is now set to begin work on a segment of the Stockholm Bypass tunnel.

The Swedish Transport Administration recently unveiled Skanska as the company in charge of the southern connection of the project, inking a contract worth around $153 million for the task. With work slated to begin as soon as next spring and completion scheduled for 2021, the 350-meter tunnel is an important element in the overall Bypass project, one that aims to cure a number of the city’s transportations ailments.

The E4 Stockholm Bypass is meant to link the northern and southern ends of the county in order to relieve the pressure of traffic from arterial roads, as well as the inner city.  The 21 kilometer infrastructure project will accommodate 140,000 vehicles each day. The 17-kilometer stretch of the bypass that will go underground will be the largest tunnel in the world in the immediate proximity of a city. Although political issues put the project on hold last year, it was brought back on track this year. The estimated duration of the project is eight years.