Interxion Debuts Third Data Center in Marseille

MRS 3 is the first phase of a $157 million, former World War II submarine base conversion project.
MRS 3. Image courtesy of Interxion and Digital Realty

Interxion has completed the first phase of MRS3, its third data center in Marseille, France, encompassing nearly 25,000 square feet. Plans call for two additional phases slated for completion in 2021, which would bring the property to a total of 76,000 square feet and 16 MW of power. Interxion intends to invest a total of $157 million into the project.

The data center is on a former submarine base known as Martha, dating back to 1943. Although it was never completed, the unusual building spans 820 feet in length featuring terraced reinforced concrete to a thickness of 18 feet, is able to withstand 10-ton projectiles and is surrounded by a 40-foot high wall. The new facility will be fully powered by renewable energy sources. MRS3 is proximate to MRS2, a 47,000-square-foot data center with 7 MW of critical power. 

The Marseille digital park is in the center of the global subsea cable industry, with 14 telecommunication cables landing in the city and five to 10 additional cables expected to land in the next five years. Marseille serves as a central digital network connecting 4.5 billion users across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

In April, the company broke ground on Interxion Paris Digital Park, a four-facility campus totaling 85 MW of combined power and 431,000 square feet of equipped space. PAR8, the firm’s eighth data center in the French capital, has an estimated cost of more than $224 million.