Intuit Launches IMPACT 2.0

Cleveland-based Intuit Real Estate Solutions has announced the availability of a second version of IMPACT, V2.0. The software is geared towards corporate real estate managers and the global property management industry. V2.0 IMPACT is the second version of software originally launched a year ago, a solution that was based on a demand from real estate managers for ways to model, evaluate, and project multiple scenarios based on key performance indicators. IMPACT lets portfolio managers more easily make decisions about buy, hold and sell choices, debt levels, and capital deployment investments. It features a client-customized dashboard views for comparison. The new capabilities provide immediate results. Previously, it could take from five hours to five days to get results of projections. Now results of various changes can be projected and ready for viewing of the fly.Said Chris Phillips, Intuit’s director of global business strategy and product management, “IMPACT provides real estate investment firms the ability to easily model and report the results of a deal against the original expectations and actual performance of that deal. Real estate investment firms are managing these questions and answers today with complex spreadsheets which are extremely time-consuming, error prone and not connected to actual financials. IMPACT is a game-changing product, delivering real value to one of the most important activities in a real estate investment firm.” The new version can also manage investors’ capital contributions and the appropriate cash flow distributions. Plus, dashboards can be customized and organized so that managers can choose how they would like to view results. One of the additional new enhancements is a more sophisticated approach to foreign currency exchange-rate assumptions to determine potential implications to real estate fund portfolios. “Impact was built to work with companies running MRI and companies running other software solutions. We built it so that it could aggregate information from multiple sources. We are very pleased with the response from the market and the progress we are making. The reason for its success is that it is solving one of real estate most important problems and it does it well,” said Andrew Rains, vice president pf global sales & marketing for Intuit Real Estate Solutions. Intuit Real Estate Solutions has more than 4,500 installations in 41 countries, on five continents around the world. The parent company, Intuit, is well-known for accounting and accounting products.