Is Your Smart Building an Intelligent Idea?

What do your tenants think about the technology offered in your building? CPE and Kingsley Associates explore the topic.

What do your tenants think about the technology offered in your building? CPE and Kingsley Associates explore the topic.

“The building just installed new elevator security measures that appear to be geared to improving building security. It only allows you to go to the floor you have indicated you want to go visit. This new technology gives tenants peace of mind when in the office every day.” —Office, Oakland, Calif.

“There are a couple things still done over email that I wish could be automated into some sort of portal. Processes like badge requests, which still are a paper form, and the evacuation assistance form, which is completed via a spreadsheet attached to email, are not efficient.” —Office, Newark, N.J.

“Here are some technological innovations that should be made: programmable lighting, programmable HVAC, lighting sensors in offices and on the floors, water distribution in the rest rooms and auto flushers in the toilets.” —Office, Houston

“The self-serve portal is very efficient and fairly intuitive, which makes it a breeze to navigate. It also ensures that the right people receive the right requests at the right time.” —Industrial, Philadelphia

“Building technology and procedures should be updated for sustainability efficiencies, such as the ability to recycle batteries, using reclaimed water for irrigation, switching to LED lighting triggered by motion sensors and using green cleaning products.” —Office, Cerritos, Calif.

“It seems very difficult to schedule contractor and visitor access for our suite. If there could be an automated scheduling process instead of emailing back and forth, I feel like that could help.” —Office, Washington, D.C.

“We need high-speed internet access! This is the only reason that I am unsure of whether or not I would recommend the center to a potential tenant. Businesses cannot thrive without the ability to grow with technology.” —Retail, Simi Valley, Calif.

“Elevators are ‘energy efficient,’ but I don’t feel they are ‘people efficient.’ Often times I’ve had issues with my elevator not moving once I get in and needing to get out on different floors to try and get a different elevator to pick me up and take me up or down.” —Office, Bellevue, Wash.

“Our biggest issue would be with the automated doors. They malfunction frequently, lock and not re-open, and move super slow, which puts people at risk if they were to close all of the sudden. WE can’t do our work if we can’t get in the building.” —Retail, Naperville, Ill.

“There needs to be better technology in the conference center, particularly the ability to dial out from the center. We use the conference center at least once per quarter and would like the ability to hold a conference call with employees in other locations.” —Office, Oak Brook, Ill.

“If I have an issue with the building, I would like to call it in and not be treated as an employee being referred to a website to speak to someone. Old-fashion human interaction has been lost to technology.” —Industrial, Orlando, Fla.

“In the event the building power is not working or if there is another reason we would not be able to access our suite, management should have an automated text or email system to notify tenants. There is no digital system set in place to notify tenants if there is an issue in our building.” —Medical Office, Houston