ITRA Global Invites Bioscience Companies to Tucson

Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson, affiliated with ITRA Global, issued a white paper suggesting bioscience/biotechnology companies to relocate or expand their activities to Tucson.

Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson issued a white paper suggesting that bioscience/biotechnology companies relocate to Tucson.

Michael Coretz, principal of Commercial Real Estate of Tucson, considers the proximity to private enterprises only one of the advantages Tucson has to offer for biotech companies. Coretz is a site-selection expert with indepth knowledge of biotech companies for local, regional and national clients.

“Our city also boasts available venture capital, an encouraging spirit of entrepreneurship and a strong research community, including the University of Arizona’s Bio5 Institute,” he claims in the publication. “Tucson is a rising biotechnology star.”

Commercial Real Estate of Tucson is the local affiliate of ITRA Global, which represents firms specializing in the representation of tenants and buyers of commercial real estate such as office, industrial, and retail facilities in major markets worldwide.

The nine-page report, titled “The Bio Industry in Tucson, Arizona,” highlights two main reasons for consideration, namely the large bio presence and the strong research community. It points out that numerous other bioscience companies already operate with success in the region, for instance Ventana Medical Systems, Sanofi and SynCardia Systems.

Accelerate Diagnostics’ 2012 shift from Denver is also mentioned in the communication. Lawrence Mehren, president and CEO of the company shared his experience, saying “I was impressed from my first contacts with Pima County, the Tucson mayor’s office, the state of Arizona and the Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities Office. We could tell this was a place that valued our businesses and wanted to help.” Potential partners are also reminded of the presence of a highly skilled workforce and the available federal and state government funding.

The white paper is available for download on Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson’s official website.

Illustration by Linda Bartlett via Wikimedia Commons