Market Transparency Showing Slow Improvement

The 2010 Commercial Real Estate Transparency Index found that Australia is currently the world's most transparent market.

June 21, 2010
By Allison Landa, News Editor

Moderate improvement seems to be the name of the game when it comes to worldwide market transparency. That’s according to Jones Lang LaSalle and LaSalle Investment Management, who this week released their 2010 Commercial Real Estate Transparency Index.

The Index found that Australia is the world’s most transparent market in 2010, pushing Canada down to second place. Markets that have shown improvement include China, India, Poland, Portgual, Romania, Greece and Hungary.

However, the Index also found that one third of markets globally showed no change or a deterioration. Declines in transparency were noted in Pakistan, Kuwait, Venezuela, Dubai and Bahrain, amongst other countries.
“The 2010 Global Real Estate Transparency Index reveals a notable slowdown in the progress of real estate transparency over the past two years,” global head of strategy for LaSalle Investment Management Jacques Gordon said when announcing the news. “It suggests that the recent turmoil in global financial, economic and real estate markets has impacted on market behaviour, with real estate players focusing on survival rather than market advancement.”