Johnson Controls Releases Smart Camera

The Illustra Pro Mini-Dome can be used for discreet surveillance in commercial facilities.
Pro Gen3 Mini-Dome. Image courtesy of Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has introduced the Illustra Pro Mini-Dome, a camera that allows for discreet surveillance in a variety of medium- and large-sized commercial properties such as retail stores and healthcare facilities. The new model updates the company’s existing Illustra Pro camera line with “smart” technology that reduces configuration time while optimizing video quality.

The new Smart Wide Dynamic Range technology, which is available in the Pro Gen3 Mini-Dome, enables the camera to automatically read the scene and adjust contrast and overall scene balance. This ensures that video quality is dynamically optimized in changing scenes and lighting conditions without user intervention. The technology also uses configuration profiles—such as retail, gaming and indoor/outdoor settings—which can be activated at the touch of a button.

The camera is available in 3MP and 8MP options, as well as Wide or Narrow Field of View lens options, and provides unrestricted coverage with a bubble-free design. The product also features resilience against cyber threats, with a “secure boot” mode and enhanced security mode. Integrated infrared functionality allows the camera to see in the dark up to 130 feet.

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