Kilroy to Add Energy Storage to 6 CA Assets

The company chose Stem Inc. to deploy 7.5 MWh of AI-driven energy storage to four of its office buildings in Los Angeles and two in San Francisco.

CaliforniaKilroy Realty Corp. has tapped Stem Inc. to deploy over 7.5 MWh of artificial intelligence-driven energy storage to eight of the firm’s commercial buildings in California. Black Bear Energy Inc. acted as the owners’ representative for Kilroy Realty. 

Stem will install Athena-powered storage at two office buildings in San Francisco and another four in Los Angeles. This will represent 20 percent of Kilroy’s stabilized energy portfolio. The systems will join the world’s largest digitally-connected storage network, which uses the systems when idle to support strained local grids and enable higher penetrations of clean power in the community. 

“Intelligent energy storage helps reduce the environmental footprint of our building operations,” said Sara Neff, senior vice president of sustainability for Kilroy Realty Corp., in a prepared statement. “Black Bear’s expertise with clean energy and Stem’s AI-powered solution will help us achieve our environmental goals while helping to modernize the grid, which is a natural alignment with our business vision.”

Kilroy Realty has had a busy start to the year, with the firm most recently acquiring a 146,000-square-foot laboratory and office property in San Francisco for $111 million. 

Image courtesy of Pexels