Kogniz Launches AI Surveillance Camera

Easy to install, the product utilizes multiple cameras that provide people and object identification, detecting potential threats and alerting users in real time.
Kogniz AICam

Kogniz has introduced its first product, AICam, a smart surveillance camera that identifies people and threats in real time, using video-based facial recognition and object detection. AICam is based on the company’s Edge Platform and features camera processors and cloud services. Easy to install, the product utilizes multiple cameras, which provide cross-location people identification and recognition.

Other features include:

  • Visual Watchlists—using facial recognition, the product identifies people of concern, such as a known criminal, shoplifter or ex-employee, while also sending alerts
  • Threat Detection—the system is able to detect potential threats, such as weapons or dangerous objects, immediately warning the users
  • Access Control—Kogniz can watch over a secure area and notify users when unauthorized persons come into view
  • Suspect Watch—identifies and remembers suspicious behaviors, while also tracking visit patterns and dwell time
  • Smart Recording—stores relevant video in a private and secure cloud vault

“In business environments, surveillance requires identifying problematic people and situations in real time, something humans aren’t good at. Kogniz leverages computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify people and threats in real-time with extraordinary accuracy,” said Daniel Putterman, co-CEO & head of Business at Kogniz, in a prepared statement.

Photo courtesy of Kogniz