KONE Opens Hub in Dallas Metroplex

The Dallas-area facility will serve as an innovation center for the global elevator and escalator company.

KONE is opening KONE AllenPlace, a 173,952-square-foot facility in Allen, Texas, that will house the global elevator and escalator company’s supply operations, major project engineering, research and development department, and other product and installation support functions.

KONE's new operations and R&D facility in Allen, Texas, a Dallas suburb.

KONE’s new operations and R&D facility in Allen, Texas, a Dallas suburb.

“Allen has a reputation as a hot spot for companies looking to expand. The city really invests in its infrastructure as demand for space here grows; the KONE AllenPlace office park is a great example of that,” Larry Wash, KONE Americas’ executive vice president, told Commercial Property Executive. “In addition, the facility’s centralized location compliments our established presence in North Texas, which consists of roughly 250 KONE employees.”

KONE AllenPlace will serve as a North American innovation center for KONE, where the minds behind KONE Destination and KONE UltraRope will work on the next generation of innovative ideas. The new facility also features a 128-foot tall test tower with six elevator shafts to evaluate prototypes and new components before they go into production.

“Simply put, our investment in an innovation facility such as KONE AllenPlace is a key factor for our continued success in the Americas,” Wash said. “We saw a need to establish a centralized location that further improved our supply chain and research and development operations, driven by the demand created by rising urban populations and rapid growth of cities.”

According to Wash, the facility will be an essential piece in the rollout of KONE’s newest elevator offering, the KONE MonoSpace500, where elevators will be equipped with the “brains” that allow them to increase operational efficiencies and actively communicate with maintenance personnel.

“We anticipate hiring 80 new roles to staff the new operation this year alone. The roles are comprised of a variety of technical, sourcing, research and development, and electrical installation experts,” he said. “The facility is an addition to our new equipment and building modernization businesses, and will house essential supply chain functions as well as a research and development center that will help produce future product innovations.”

KONE already had deep ties in the Dallas metro area, investing heavily there over the past 20 plus years.