LA Lakers Facility Feeds Off Sun Power

The LEED Platinum-certified training center’s solar panels will cut energy costs by about $38,000 annually and pay for themselves in four years.

After signing LeBron James earlier this summer, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to make the place fit for a king. The sports team partnered with LG Electronics and Vaha Energy to power UCLA Health Training Center with renewable energy. The installation will harvest the energy through LG solar panels. 

The 120,000-square-foot LEED Platinum certified facility, serving as the team’s training grounds and as the home court of the South Bay Lakers, was equipped with a 375-watt LG NeON 2, comprising 456 solar panels installed by Vaha Energy. The solar installation will generate an estimated 245,000 kilowatt hours, anticipated to save about $38,000 annually, and is expected to pay for itself in less than four years, according to Vaha. In addition, it will help the Lakers offset about 12.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to carbon sequestered by 6,745 acres of forest in a year, according to Geoff Tomlinson, COO of Vaha Energy.

“Through the use of solar and by achieving LEED Platinum on their new facility, the Lakers have shown a commitment to sustainability of which Vaha Energy has long been an advocate. As the developer of this project, we hope that Lakers solar panels will inspire others in their community to follow suit,” Tomlinson said in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of LG Electronics USA