LeasingDesk Deploys Added Criminal Database Screening

Carrollton, Texas-based RealPage, a provider of point-of-lease systems to the multi-family property industry, has expanded their LeasingDesk Resident Screening product’s capability to search criminal databases. Late last year, the software became able to access the Pennsylvania statewide court records, as well criminal court data from 224 counties nationwide. With this increase in technical capabilities, managers can see and scan the data on prospective residents in all 47 states willing to release such information, which includes all states except Massachusetts, Wyoming, Hawaii and South Dakota. In addition, the system now retrieves information from 388 criminal court jurisdictions as well as comprehensive sex offender and terrorist databases, adding much more depth breadth and accuracy to the investigation. David Carner, senior vice president of LeasingDesk, told CPN, “Getting more counties in our search database helps with the lagtime, meaning we get information sometimes before the states do, so it is a much more accurate collection of data. And along with this advance in screening, what I think is most exciting and unique is that now, with e-Signature, we have the possibility to execute leases online, enabling customers to signup online immediately for other advantages like rental insurance.” LeasingDesk Screening Product retrieves information from multiple databases based on current and past addresses, as well as variations on names from several different sources, within minutes. The final report on a prospective renter is incredibly thorough as it includes credit history, rental history and any eviction records, fraud and check-writing history, as well as records that might show up in a criminal, terror and sex-offender registry. This is beneficial for owners and renters, as people are increasingly concerned with protecting the safety of their neighborhoods and apartment housing. RealPage provides services to more than 20,000 apartment communities countrywide, and has four other products: CrossFire sales and marketing systems, YieldStar asset optimization systems, OneStar Velocity utility and billing services and LeasingDesk point-of-lease systems to streamline the lease process itself. “With so many crimes committed on or nearby apartment communities, I feel that apartment management has a duty to protect residents with accurate, inexpensive and streamlined criminal searches. And these new improvements make it possible to create and maintain better environments in which to live,” said Carner.