Lighting Science Introduces Air-Sanitizing Luminaire

The retrofit LED troffer is an easy-to-install light fixture that decreases the levels of airborne particles, including microorganisms such as spores, bacteria and viruses.
Cleanse Luminaire
Cleanse Luminaire

Lighting Science has introduced Cleanse, an easy-to-install retrofit LED troffer that sanitizes air to reduce airborne pathogens responsible for infections and illnesses. Cleanse reduces the levels of spores, bacteria and viruses by using an efficient, four-stage air circulation and sanitation system. The luminaire uses a combination of activated carbon and HEPA filtration, which captures particulates, and UV (A+C) light to further clean and deodorize the air.

Cleanse’s process achieves a 99.9 percent elimination rate among the most common airborne pathogens resulting in reduced contamination, less illness and a lower risk of infection, particularly valuable for immuno-compromised individuals. The spread of illness is a concern that is widely felt in hospitals, medical office buildings, educational institutions and a multitude of public spaces.

The luminaire has a simple, retrofit design that enables most standard 2 feet x 4 feet light fixtures to be replaced in 15 minutes, minimizing interruptions to normal operations and decreasing installation costs. Cleanse provides 3200 lumens and uses 60 watts of energy when both illumination and air cleaning mode are operating. The UV LEDs have an 18 month expected life. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to replace the filters and UV LEDs. Cleanse is available in a wide range of color spectrum to match existing environments.

Image courtesy of Lighting Science