Lutron Control System Saves Energy While Meeting Guest Needs

The solution combines light, temperature and shade adjustments in one product, giving clients a way to tailor the room to their liking.

BPS_Hospitality_Solutions_2-232x300One of the intrinsic design challenges associated with hospitality properties and guest rooms is that everyone is different and each guest’s preferences vary from the next. Lutron myRoom is a solution that combines controls for light, temperature and shade control in one product. Not only does this give guests a way to tailor their room to their liking, but BPS Hospitality can also tailor the system to each property’s unique performance and budget requirements.

For guests, the integrated light, temperature and shade control creates a simple and intuitive user interface. With recognizable icons, clear engraving and large buttons, the easy-to-use myRoom system can be used worldwide with its globally compatible controls.  While being able to turn up the lights for work or adjust chilly A/C  is a comfort-focused amenity for guests, the system can also save energy and operating costs with master controls. Properties can create presets that reduce energy usage without limiting the guest’s experience, and operational efficiency also benefits from service or privacy indication features.

Estimated savings from Lutron system usage

The system can be integrated with guest room control through third-party systems like the Building Management System (BMS),  Property Management System (PMS) and Concierge, further increasing efficiency and lessening installation hassles. With a variety of finishes and colors as well as features, the Lutron myRoom system can fit in any room by discreetly matching the decor or making a statement on the wall.

Images courtesy of Lutron and BPS Hospitality