Marketing Strategy For Growing Coworking Spaces

As the market begins to evolve, there are new ways to grow your revenue in the shared-space industry. Here are some suggestions.

As the coworking and shared space industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s becoming much more evident that profitability is not only viable, there are ways to maximize and continue to grow your profits as an operator. Let’s dive in detail into the best coworking marketing strategy for maximum growth.

Host Events

You’ve likely heard about the potential for fantastic events at coworking spaces. One of the major keys to building your brand is to hold events that are open to the local community. It’s free advertising! People who would otherwise have likely never stepped foot in your space get firsthand access to all the benefits your space provides. Even if these guests are not candidates to work out of a coworking space, word of mouth is one of your biggest assets. The more people know about your location, have been inside and can speak to its benefits, the better for you of course.

Here are some ideas for events that you could organize within your space:

  • Community panel discussions
  • ‘Breakfast and Learn’ / happy hours
  • Singles’ meetup events
  • Yoga classes

Also, keep in mind, if your space does not have 24/7 access, a great way to increase revenue is to host private events after hours. Whether it’s birthday parties, receptions, sporting event watch parties, or just about anything else that you have the room for and would take place past typical working hours. Last year’s Global Coworking Survey revealed that 21 percent of operators found organizing events to be a top challenge for them, and 50 percent said attracting new members was a top challenge. These events, whether during or after hours, will solve for a large part of both of those obstacles.

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