Maximize Efficiency with Top Technology

Commercial real estate managers must find ways to stretch budgets and resources and maximize productivity. It’s worthwhile, therefore, to consider the tremendous operational-efficiency and service improvements available from topline commercial property management technology:• Electronic transactions—Advanced commercial property management software lets you cut costs and mistakes associated with multiple touchpoints by centralizing, automating and streamlining accounts-payables processing and building-supplies procurement. Such a solution reinforces sustainability initiatives while improving operations for the business at large.• Data centralization—Operating commercial property management and accounting functions from one database represents a single solution for the full real estate lifecycle, from raising capital and investment management to acquisition and development, property management leasing, maintenance and services, reporting, business intelligence, valuation and forecasting for the next acquisition. Errors and inefficiencies that arise from using multiple disparate systems no longer hinder your business.• Businesswide management—Topline commercial property management software lets managers oversee multinational portfolios from any location by delivering information in real time. Such an end-to-end system streamlines workflow, maximizes efficiencies and markedly improves communication across an enterprise, even on a global scale.  A businesswide management system also encompasses comprehensive system transparency that delivers a complete picture of a portfolio, helping managers avoid risk and illuminating a path to organizational growth and profitability.Managing more efficiently—getting more done with existing resources and mitigating risk while maintaining or even lowering expenditures—can spell the difference between success and failure in this competitive marketplace. Exploring the benefits of new operational efficiencies could very well be your wisest investment.