Meet EPIC: Best Development and Design Bronze Winner

A slideshow of the Distinguished Achievement Award-winning entry by Hudson Pacific Properties and Architect Gensler.

Hudson Pacific Properties’ EPIC project in Hollywood—also a Bronze Award winner in the Design category—showcases a variety of innovations. As an alternative to the standard vertical extrusion, Hudson Pacific opted for a communal indoor-outdoor workspace model. The property’s interior features a coach lobby to accommodate queueing for autonomous vehicles, taxis or rideshares, a rooftop mailroom to handle deliveries by autonomous drones, and an integrated solar photovoltaic system incorporated into the walls.

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Smart-building highlights include occupant arrival recognition and pre-adjusted light and temperature settings. One noteworthy challenge emerged when construction was well underway. After concrete had already been poured and reinforced, interior stair openings at multiple levels were requested by Netflix, the property’s sole tenant. Hudson Pacific reengineered the building to remove concrete slabs and create openings for the staircase, which spans eight floors.

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