MicroMain Announces New Blackberry Software

MicroMain Corp. has launched new Blackberry maintenance software, it reported in May. The software lets workers more conveniently transmit communications to respond to and update work orders in real-time. In addition, all of the data can be managed by log-ins, which permits administrators to monitor the information. “Managers in the commercial real estate industry will be able to leverage workforce resources more effectively . In addition to easily transmitting work orders to maintenance technicians [who are] using Blackberries, managers can also track the workflow in real-time on their own Blackberries. This enables them to make better decisions throughout the day,” Joe Brummer, executive vice president for MicroMain told CPN. MicroMain for Blackberry is one of four parts of MicroMain’s maintenance management software system. MicroMain Maintenance Management is the main database, Mobile for Blackberry is used to update and create new maintenance work reports on a Blackberry device, and Mobile Login Manager permits updating and the creation of logins. The fourth part of the package, MicroMain Mobile Web Service, allows data transfer, and can run on a private server or a public website. The new application is a Java-based application and works like an electronic clip board for work orders. Work orders can be downloaded, and updated throughout the day directly into a BlackBerry. Another plus: a technician on site can easily download new orders to save time as well as create new work orders if necessary. The new application is recommended to be used with a Blackberry running a 4.0 OS or higher.