Microsoft to Build Data Center Hub in Greece

The tech giant will spend $590 million on new facilities, an investment expected to bring long-term financial benefits exceeding $1 billion.
Athens skyline
Athens. Image by Jimmy Teoh via

Microsoft Corp. has launched its “GR for GRowth” initiative, part of which the tech giant plans to invest in the development of new data centers in Athens, expanding its Microsoft Cloud footprint in Southeast Europe. According to Data Center Dynamics, the company plans on building three facilities. As part of the initiative, Microsoft will also implement a training program designed to equip 100,000 people in Greece with skills in digital technologies by 2025.

A spokesperson for the Greek government stated that the investment would involve new construction worth roughly $590 million (€500 million) and annual costs of $59 million (€50 million) in the coming years, Reuters reported. Additionally, the project would bring long-term financial benefits of nearly $1.2 billion (€1 billion) for the country, according to a statement by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. This is the largest investment commitment the company has made in Greece in its 28 years of operations in the country, said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

As part of its commitment to be carbon negative by 2030, Microsoft also plans to power its data centers exclusively from renewable energy sources by 2025. In September, the tech giant signed a quid pro quo agreement with bp—in exchange for helping Microsoft reach its green energy goals, bp will receive Azure cloud services to further its digital transformation.