Millennial Magnets: Top Locations

Which U.S. counties sport the highest concentrations of Millennials? The Nielsen Co. analyzed this three different ways: for householders age 20-34, those age 25-34 (which focuses attention on those more likely to have entered the workforce and attained greater earning power) and those age 25-34 with high incomes. The following charts rank the top 50 counties for each category. For a more extensive discussion of where Millennials live, how they are spending their money and how retail real estate owners can best apply this information, turn to “Millennial Magnets,” the 2014 CPE-Nielsen Special Report in the May 2014 issue of Commercial Property Executive. The report appears as part of a larger Retail Special Focus.

Householder Age 25-34 by County (click on chart for larger view).


Householder Age 20-34 by County (click on chart for larger view).


Householder Age 25-34 with Income $100,000+ by County (click on chart for larger view).