MIPS, Guardio Design Safety Helmet

Suitable for use by construction workers, the product includes a protection system set to reduce the rotational motion transmitted to the brain from angled impacts to the head.
MIPS-equipped industrial safety helmet. Image courtesy of MIPS
MIPS-equipped industrial safety helmet. Image courtesy of MIPS

MIPS, a Swedish company specializing in helmet-based safety and protection of the brain, has teamed up with industrial safety company Guardio to develop Armet, the first industrial safety helmet with MIPS’ patented brain protection system.

The product is suitable for construction workers and is meant to reduce the number of fatal and nonfatal traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) which, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are the highest in the construction industry. With the introduction of Armet, MIPS and Guardio plan to build a safer environment for workers around the world.

The helmet has a low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angle impacts to the head. This layer enables a relative movement of 10-15 mm between the head and the helmet in any direction at the brief moment of an angled impact. The MIPS brain protection system is designed to reduce strain to the brain.